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Puppies can instantly make our hearts melt, Our little Viking is a beautiful Swedish Vallhund a breed that at one point was almost lost but with the support of a loving comunity of breeders the growing population of this breed is moving it forward.

When your going to pick up your puppy there is excitement there is the expectation and of course there is the preparation.
No matter how far away you are an important aspect to consider is how you are going to bring him home.  Puppy/dog safety is as important as people and you need to have considered this well before you embark on the great puppy adventure.  In our Little Vikings 300mile journey home our prep happened a few weeks before,. We had to consider our little man’s safety as well as his needs.  One that is important is what you pick him/her up in. Even if taking him home is a short distance.

In terms of his safety we knew we would need something in which we could place him.  We knew he had to travel in the back and we knew he needed to be in an enclosed space.  It is amazing how vulnerable we make our dogs by carrying them or leaving them loose while we drive.  Apart from the danger of them being flung out the windshield from an accident and/or collision you have to consider that they may be hurt from flying around the car.  What is more if you are hurt and/or knocked out they may run away having no one to look after them.  So as much as we wanted to be able to carry and cuddle our little man, we looked for a carrier that had the following:

•    Hard Plastic
•    A door on the top as well as the side
•    A good size for our new puppy
•    Easy to carry
•    Could have a water bottle attached.

The Budget Travel Carrier answered all our needs.  It has hard plastic making it secure and safe transporting small animals. The top opens to give plenty of access to the whole travel carrier, which was very useful for being able to calm and talk to our puppy as we traveled while not having to take him out.  There is a handle on the top that enables the carrier to be easily maneuvered and carried. It is important to ensure that the top door is securely closed before lifting as the handle attached to the wire mesh.  Also beware that overweight animals may create a situation where the handle or the top door latches may not hold.  Above all it was not expensive and this meant that it would enable us to get it for the time that he would fit in it and we could got find a new home for it when he out grew it.


To make it more comfortable we invested in a pet water bottle that could be attached to the front door and he would have water available to him throughout the journey, with out us having to worry about it making a mess.  The Fatpet TM 400 ML Pet Dog Water Bottle with Automatically Feeding Water was bought through Amazon, arrived promptly and worked like a charm – in fact we now have several of them and he is are still using it on his various crates now.

Along the bottom of the travel carrier we placed a PetGear mat, which we got for a very reasonable price at the Range Cage Mat

We looked for a mat that was a good size and comfortable/soft and could easily be washed and is well made. PetGear mat is easy to wash and resilient to liquids and sold stains.

A simple towel used below to keep the crate dry should there be an accident.


The simple investment of an inexemsive crate, gave our Litte Viking a place to be in the car that did not risk his safety by being loose in the car, the crate was secured by the cars seatbelts and he was able to be reassured all the time by a passenger beside him.

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